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27 small businesses at Sherman Phoenix, many under a year old, forced to close due to COVID-19

MILWAUKEE -- Business and restaurant owners and staff are adjusting to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Sherman Phoenix rose from the ashes of the Sherman Park unrest in August 2016, and its 27 businesses are facing new challenges due to COVID-19.

"Every day is an adventure here," said Taj Pearsall with Buffalo Boss.

Pearsall and other owners of young businesses at Sherman Phoenix are facing unprecedented challenges.

"It's definitely been less foot traffic," said Pearsall. "We're trying everything we can to stay alive in these trying times."

The coronavirus changed the way restaurants operate. Governor Tony Evers ordered bars and restaurants closed except for carryout or delivery.

"We'e done curbside and online deliveries, which has really spiked a little to help to balance out the traffic flow, which has diminished," said Pearsall.

The more than two dozen small businesses at Sherman Phoenix were forced to close, losing tens of thousands of dollars. Developers asked for donations to help.

"For them to being hit right now with this sort of blow, it could be devastating to some," said Clyde Anderson with Sherman Phoenix. "We're dong all we can to make sure they're staying empowered. We want to take business online. We want to create innovate ways, so our tenants can continue to share what they know."

"Now is the time for everyone to chip in, and be Milwaukee strong, and be in it together," said Pearsall.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
27 jul 2022

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