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Why Donate to the Sherman Phoenix Foundation?

The Sherman Phoenix Foundation & Marketplace is a national model that has proven that translating conversation into action opens powerful possibilities. Birthed after a 2016 police shooting of an unarmed Black man in Milwaukee, the Sherman Phoenix Foundation transformed a fire-damaged bank building into a thriving hub for 27 Black-owned businesses and a vibrant community space that embraces talent and innovation and inspires new narratives for our future.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Success

We offer support to entrepreneurs of color to help them grow their businesses, generate jobs, and support the local economy. We offer mentorship, skills training, technical support, and wellness programming to the Sherman Phoenix business tenants and to help ensure their success and sustainability.

Strategic Corporate Investment & Training

Racial Inclusion and Equity Alliance (RISE) –The RISE Alliance will bring together an incredible network of leaders with diversity and inclusion expertise working in the corporate, civic, community, health and education sectors to lead and respond to calls for action and change. The Alliance will provide thought leadership, training, strategy and action.

Economic Equity & Empowerment

This programming focuses on our two-generation approach of offering educational and empowerment activities for every member of the family. Our hub has created a space for community building and unity in a vibrant and healthy environment.

Cultural & Economic Vibrancy

Our organization has had a strong line up of community events that create much needed opportunities for people across diverse backgrounds to gather, learn, and celebrate.

The Sherman Phoenix Foundation collaborates with its incumbent businesses, the community and leaders of color to build inclusive and just economies for communities of color.


If you would prefer to make your donation in the form of a check or cash, please mail it to:


Sherman Phoenix

3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53216

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