Wishes are powerful because they connect you with your ideas and desires. They rekindle a childlike space that liberates rather than blocks your energy. This open space is where magic and miracles can happen. Making a wish is like pushing an enormous play button that starts the process of transforming your dreams into goals and plans so they can become a reality.


Lush Popcorn


Shindig Coffee

Sauce & Spice Pizza


Lush Popcorn

Our wish is a new slushie machine - CAB 3 Bowl Freezer. A new Slushy machine would allow us to spend less time fixing the issues we are experiencing with our current machine, and ultimately focus more on our customers love of our gourmet lemonades. We've had our current machine for several years, and it's reached the end of its service life. Unfortunately this means unplanned downtime and challenges to provide our customers with exceptional service. We would be able to consistently offer refreshing, chilled beverage options for the community; improving customer satisfaction and providing a delicious all-natural, herb infused treat to enjoy on the new Sherman Phoenix patio.


Total: $3,800

Sauce & Spice Pizza

What would $8000 do for our business! Sauce & Spice is growing! So many times I’ve heard customers say “this is the best pizza in the city” and we strive to become one of the number one pizza locations in Milwaukee! Some additions that would be a huge help is another freezer to store crust and numerous other toppings, nacho cheese dispenser, a financial cushion so we can hire additional staff, being able to offer bonuses to the great staff we currently have and the list goes on. We are so grateful for all of the donors and investors that helped us get to where we are today. It’s because of you Sauce & Spice even exists.

Total: $8,000


Next Level Vegan

To get the business going I financed some equipment. I have a great growth strategy but need to eliminate $10,000 in equipment debt to free up cashflow.

Total: $10,000


Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

First is the RoboCoupe, a high powered food chopper . It will be able to increase production 5x faster than chopping by hand. In particular, our sweet potatoes. The RoboCoupe will also save some wear and tear on our employees hands from the massive amounts of chopping we do daily.  Invoice provided here:

2nd would be a countertop convection oven from Restaurant Depot. It is about $1k. That would allow us to skip a step and be able to cook rolls during peak times faster and not have to get rolls from the basement.

Total: $2,200

Buffalo Boss

As you can imaging stain on the floor in a wing restaurant are a big deal. We would like to purchase a floor washer and polisher that will save time on cleaning and allow us to service more customer while maintaining a shining floor.

Total: $3,500

Confectionately Yours

As a highly supported and recommended Milwaukee bakery it is my goal to continue to produce quality bakery and confectionery to this city. My wish is for $6500 to purchase a new countertop mixer, store signage, and website developer. These things will add great value to my production process by helping me and my team produce more efficiently. The additional signage posted on our kiosk will help to complete our space within the main dining hall. The immediate need for a marketing and website developer so that we may be able to start taking online orders. Fulfilling this wish would mean so much to CY. This would help us to continue to show the community the sustainable business we are and plan to be has we grow. This would  help our business strategy and practices by running a fully functioning brick and mortar. This wish would impact the community in a great way by helping us to reach more people  via online ordering and more massive production which ultimately is the growth we are hoping for. We approximate this wish at $6,500.


$2000 for new countertop mixers

$1500 for kiosk signage

$3000 for marketing and website developer/maintenance

Total: $6,500

Shindig Coffee

We've learned that in order to grow we need a solid marketing plan. We are asking for assistance with hiring a marketing firm to do a complete marketing assessment, strategy and carry out an action plan that will help us stay connected to existing customers, connect with new customers and target new customers. 

Total: $5,500




Theresa Do My Nails

Since I’ve launched my business and have become a tenant here, I realized my opportunity to grow my business is endless.  I’ve always had a passion to teach my craft and skills to others and as I’m finalizing my instructors’ program, I’d like to launch my first class right here in the Sherman Phoenix. I am looking to fill and provide 5 kits for my future scholars. 

My classes will bring in new clients/consumers and through word of mouth I feel this will bring more business to the entire Sherman Phoenix Family. I have a small wish of filling those 5 kits for future scholars and public advertisement for Theresa Do My Nails-Nail Salon to continue to flourish my business and other businesses in the Sherman Phoenix.

Total: $3,500


2 Kings Barber Shop

Our wish is for a big screen monitor. It would mean HOPE: this simple gesture will show how we can all come together and help one another grow. "Help a neighbor". This gesture will induce reciprocation. This monitor will help improve the productivity of the business. It will display our products and services to potential customers. It will also provide a media source to show all of the communal events that we have conducted which will in turn encourage the community participants to reach out and induce positive growth of the Sherman Phoenix patrons.


Total: $3,000



My name is Latrece Nelson, I currently own 3 hair salons in the city of Milwaukee. I have been in the cosmetology industry for 25 years. I have styled news anchors,  which lead to 9 live tv sessions on Fox6 News, as well as styling local alderwomen.


I have employed and trained over 90 Stylist. My first salon ( called Prenasis Hair Gallery) was the very first salon in 2009. On average Prenasis Hair Gallery services 5125 customers annually. Initially I just wanted to do something to make money and provide for my family, but as time progressed, I realized that it was not about me at all. I realized how much I was helping other stylist by providing them with the necessities for growth.


I built my small system off of my school/classroom setting like it was during the cosmetology program. I made training easy and comfortable for the stylist and the customers. I taught product Knowledge, marketing strategies and business etiquette. Which then I realized that I was not building the business/ brand. I was building other entrepreneurs and since then I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to build a strong business model/system and great employees that are willing to grow with in the business and how to start salon franchise or chain salons in different states and countries. Tangible items are not my concern. For my wish list, I seek guidance/knowledge, mentor ship and funding/investors. This will help to grow the business as well as potential Stylist/Staff. I appreciate your support and guidance!

Total: email clyde@shermanphoenix.com to coordinate


Queens Closet

My wish is to fund our no profit job training program and store operations.


It is very important for us to continue our mission; which is servicing young women and youth and our community with tools they need to succeed.


It will help the business grow because we will be able to continue to operate the business successfully and have an impact on the community by building strong independent and successful women through are job training program


Total: $5,000


The Lash Factory

We would like to expand our service list and clientele audience by offering microshading as this is a service that is requested a lot. In order to add this service, we need to be trained and certified. The training would cost $1700/person (2people) would include certification, kit, shading machine, and blood pathogen certification.  As we are also catering our services to men with our Beard Facials we are in need of a more comfortable and higher weight capacity chair. The chair would be a barbering chair which cost $300.

Total: $3,700


Royal Trinity

Out business requires us to service women in all shapes and sizes. We need a chairs to reflect that. We have broken sever of the hydraulic lift mechanisms in previous chars as they do not support all body types. We have located a chair that will support all of our clients and not require us to single any one person out. To purchase two chairs for our salon.


Total: $3,500 


CORE/Maximizing Potential

We would be honored to have our wish of laptop computers for the Core Connection Center.  This wish will help with continued growth and partnership with youth, businesses and organizations.  Having computers and video conferencing capability will allow for an increased use of the space, for community based meetings.  The Core Youth Engagement Team will utilize the technology for educational and social connections, identifying strategies to address social issues to implement change.


Total: $3,500


None Above

I would like a professionally done website to market to my audience and showcase my work.

Total: $2,500


Vibez Creative Art Space

Our wish for Vibez is a new full POS system. Receiving a full POS system will assist our ability to operate more smoothly by increasing efficiency, expediting service, allowing more interaction with guests, and monitoring daily sales. The impact of this wish being fulfilled will allow us to capitalize on the opportunities to connect and communicate with our guest, maximizing our capacity of outreach during our events. This will support our mission of exposing our community to learn, explore, and enjoy art.


Total:  $1,695


Hello Beautiful

We would love to upgrade our space and a gift of $3,500.00 could make that possible. Here at Hello Beautiful Makeup Artistry, we provide our clients with lifelong memories whether it’s providing our services for a wedding, family photos, an anniversary or the perfect headshot we are a part of helping the client to feel not only beautiful but special. When we welcome our clients we want to invite them into a comfortable space so they can have an enjoyable experience so offering beverages would bring a small yet inviting touch to our clients. For that reason a mini-fridge would be ideal. We are blessed to have such a beautiful space with natural lighting however the lighting can be blinding as well as very warm on sunnier days so custom blinds would help tremendously allowing us to open and shut them when need be making everyone comfortable in the space . Having an on-staff aesthetician we would like to expand our services by offering facials, therefore needing the equipment and extra shelving for supplies would be great as well as a space saver for the studio.  Last but not least for the comfort of our makeup artists staff we would love to have cushioned mats to stand on while enhancing our clients beauty.

Total: $3,500


So Greedy

Our wish is the RØDECaster Pro fully integrated podcast/radio program production studio bundle. 


Receiving this system means that SOGREEDY will be able to transition the current studio recording equipment, that is designated for more traditional audio recording, into a more user friendly recording environment specified for podcasting and radio program recording. This will greatly increase efficiency, expedite the recording service, and allow the recording services SOGREDDY provides to accommodate all people that want to utilize the studio space, novice or veteran. The impact of this wish being fulfilled will allow the community people that seek out the services of SOGREEDY to produce and record their own podcast/radio program without the over-complicated equipment that is meant for more higher level recording and production. The RØDECaster Pro will have the community that uses our service to literally be recording a podcast  within minutes of stepping into the studio. Receiving this equipment is truly a wish. The benefits of the equipment lessens the intimidation of the studio experience and makes the recording process much easier for beginners to have their voices heard.


Total: $2,423

Health & Wellness


Hands at Home

I would like items to help make my office a safe space. I'm asking for a 4 drawer file system and a new lumbar support chair for the late nights in the office working with clients.

Total: $2,500


AMRI Counseling

AMRI Counseling Services provides mental health and substance abuse counseling services you children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 


Many of the clients we service are uninsured, under insured, or low income.


23 million people are diagnosed with some kind of mental health issue. Over 9 million people reported not receiving the help they need. This does not include the rise of statistics for children suffering with a mental health disorder and those case overall that simply go unreported. There is a serious mental health crisis. We are doing everything we can to decrease the barriers to treatment. Cost associated with receiving services happens to be the largest barrier.


We are wishing to receive this donation to..


To provide free mental health assessments and consultation to low income, uninsured and under insured individuals.


To provide psychoeducation and clinical mental health and substance abuse preventative strategies to low income, uninsured and under insured individuals and families.


We are doing everything we can to decrease the barriers to treatment. Cost associated with receiving services happens to be the largest barrier. This would mean everything to us to help our community and world overall heal from mental health and prevent mental health and substance abuse issues in their lives.


Our goal is to impact one individual, one family, one community, one city, one state, and the overall world as a whole. These funds will allow us to provide compensation to staff to ensure that those who are considered low income, uninsured and under insured individuals receive mental health and substance abuse services despite associated cost. If our mental health is better our communities will be better.


Please think of yourself, your family, friends and the community. Research shows that we will all deal with some form of mental health issues throughout our lives. Cost should never be a factor of getting the help you truly need.  Thank you for your consideration and hope that you will donate to this cause.


Total: $5,000


9th Cloud Therapy

My wish is a Hydraulic Massage Table. This would mean I can raise the number of clients in a day I can take. So more productivity. As a massage therapist, it is very important we keep our posture perfect because our body (hands,back) are our money makers. The career life of an average massage therapist is 5 to 7yrs. I want/plan to be around as much as possible, so I can help others in the community by making their jobs easier mentally and physically. A Hydraulic massage table is the new way of life for a therapist.You can adjust the levels while the client is on the table verses manually having to adjust it before the client comes in only to find out it's at the wrong level. This would be very helpful!


Total: $2,650

HoneyBee Sage

My wish is to purchase a packaging and sealing machine that will allow us to package our loose herbal tea more quickly and efficiently. At the moment we do not have a budget for a lot of Human Resources. We are a team of two, owner and employee, with a few volunteer apprentices. This wish will mean less hours and woman-power being spent on packaging and more time and energy allowed for keeping up with the demand of supplying our packaged herbal tea blends to our 2nd location as well as filling out of state orders.  HoneyBee Sage is growing fast! We have already expanded to a 2nd location in Frederick, Maryland where we are now the featured apothecary inside of The Curing Room Wellness & Apothecary. We are also preparing to launch our online store to meet the demand and request for our healing teas by “honeybees” in other states. As we grow we will be able to offer more employment opportunities as well as expand the reach of our amazing offerings.


Total: $10,000.

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